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Aesthetic design combined with innovative technology results in unique products, which both look great and are highly functional.

SMEG appliances are renowned for design and attention to detail, ergonomics, and functionality, and uitilize only the best materials to ensure long life and great performance.  Energy efficiency, ease of use, reliability, and safety complete the key features and benefits of SMEG appliances, whether it be products catering to your cooking, food storage or washing needs.

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  • Ovens | Smeg US


    Smeg's complete range of aesthetically refined built-in ovens has evolved through serious research, offering peak performance across a range of functions and guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use and maximum safety.

    Type: Electric - Double oven - Microwave

  • Cooktops | Smeg US


    Smeg cooktops combine quality materials with cutting-edge technology. You can choose from an array of shapes, sizes and cooking methods to match the aesthetics of your oven.

    Type: Gas - Induction - Ceramic

  • Ranges | Smeg US


    Inspired by the ranges used by the world’s greatest chefs, Smeg offers genuine design icons where style and elegance go hand in hand with high performance, user-friendliness and minimal consumption.

    Type: Gas - Electric

  • Hoods | Smeg US


    Smeg hoods reflect the elegance and style of the kitchen around them as they combine quality design with the best materials.

  • Refrigerators | Smeg US


    Vibrant colors and retro design equals stylish appliances.

  • Dishwashers | Smeg US


    Smeg built-in dishwashers are the perfect way to complete your kitchen in style. Exceptionally quiet and incredibly well designed, the dishwashers vary in terms of style and load capacity.

  • Accessories | Smeg US


    Versatile accessories perfect for Smeg ovens, cooktops and ranges.