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Divina Cucina - Sicily is my love



Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg continue the journey that join their artistic sensibilities to discover the colours and beauty of Sicily to celebrate the authentically ‘Made in Italy’ project under the shared standard of creativity, art, and design.

The history, culture, cuisine and beauty of the Sicilian landscape are captured in these precious objects in an authentic and unforgettable way, as if the Italian spirit were distilled into tangible and timeless forms. All of this has been made possible thanks to Smeg’s vast experience in design and quality appliances and the creative soul of Dolce&Gabbana.

An explosion of bright colours, full of narrative emphasis: the decoration of this kitchen draws inspiration from the traditional carrettelle, or carts, used by itinerant vendors of citrus fruits and shaved ice, which one finds in the most picturesque corners of Sicily. The forms and colours evoke the poetics of the Sicilian cart, among the most recognizable folkloristic symbols on the island. The front of the kitchen is decorated with geometric, polychrome and rhomboidal motifs used in flooring tiles and with stylized stidde - stars - and flowers that recall the delicate atmosphere of spring. Dominating the centre of the exhaust hood is the distinctive prickly pear, with other fruits on the sides, with a frieze of plant and floral motifs below. Finally, the decorative elements extend to the chimney, harmoniously concluding this symphony of fret patterns and gorgeous colours.

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Wall mounted ventilation

Stylish ergonomic control knobs

Front mounted controls for lights and vent speeds


1 fan motor

4 speeds

2 LED lights (2 X 1 W)

3 aluminum grease filters

Vented or Recirculating

600 CFM max setting

Vent duct size 6''


Voltage rating: 120V / 60Hz / 4 Amps

Power: 457 W