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EAN13: 8017709207274

78,2 CM (approx. 31"), Induction cooktop, black, standard building type

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4 "full-power" cook zones

Front-central: 1,200W Ø 6'' (145mm) Booster: 2,000W

Back-right: 2,500W Ø 11'' (270mm) Booster: 3,700W

Back-left: 1,800W Ø 7 1/2" (180mm) Booster: 2,500W

Front-left: 2,500W Ø 7 1/2" (180mm) Booster: 2,500W

Bridge zone: 15 5/32" x 9 1/16" (385x230mm) Booster: 4,000W

Slider touch controls setting

1 bridge area: extended cooking zone (front-left+back-left


9 power levels for each zone

Simmering function

Melting/low-temperature cooking function

Indication of the minimum pan diameter

Residual heat indicator for each zone

Protection against accidental start-up

Automatic safety cut-out

Individual timer for each zone

Child safety lock

Voltage rating: 208/240V - 60Hz

Connected load (nominal power): 6.8/7.4kW

Amps 208/240V: 33Amps

Double 40 Amp breaker required on both sides of line

with ground