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50's Retro Style Aesthetic

EAN13: 8017709193683

50’S Style Refrigerator with ice compartment, Yellow, Right hand hinge

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Capacity 9.22 Cu. Ft.


Interior light

3 adjustable glass shelves

1 bottle storage shelf

1 fixed glass shelf

1 fruit and vegetable container

1 dairy box


2 adjustable covered bins

2 bottle storage bins

4 adjustable bins

2 egg bins


1 Ice cube tray

Energy consumption: 305 kWh/ year

Voltage: 120 V

Current: 10 A

Frequency: 60 Hz

Noise level: 42 dB(A) RE 1 pW

Dimensions (h x w x d ) 57½ x 23⅝ x 27½ inches

Gross weight: 181.4 lbs

Net weight: 156.5 lbs

When positioning these appliances adjacent to kitchen unit a gap of 6 7/8" must be left on the hinged side of the product to allow the door to open. When positioning next to a wall it is reommended to leave a larger gap

of 12 1/2".


  • FAB28UGL - Yellow, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UOR - Orange, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UOL - Orange, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UVER - Lime green, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UVEL - Lime green, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UNER - Black, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UNEL - Black, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UROR - Pink, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UROL - Pink, hinges on the left
  • FAB28URR - Red, hinges on the right
  • FAB28URL - Red, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UBLR - Blue, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UBLL - Blue, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UPR - Cream, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UPL - Cream, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UAZR - Pastel blue, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UAZL - Pastel blue, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UVR - Pastel green, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UVL - Pastel green, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UXR - Silver, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UXL - Silver, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UBR - White, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UBL - White, hinges on the left
  • FAB28UUJR - Union Jack, hinges on the right
  • FAB28UUJL - Union Jack, hinges on the left