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Classic Aesthetic

EAN13: 8017709250294

60 cm (Approx. 24”) Sommelier Drawer

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Classic Design

Fingerprint-proof stainless steel finish

Push opening

Slavonia durmast wooden shelf

Wine pump + 2 corks

Sparkling wine cork

Cork to pour wine

Anti-drip cork

Solid steel cork for sparkling wines

Champagne/sparkling wine pliers

Corkscrew sommelier

Red wine cork

Wine thermometer with slipcase

Wine funnel with wooden handle

Maximum weight allowed above the drawer: 187 lbs

Maximum weight allowed inside the drawer: 33 lbs

Dimensions: W 23 7/16” x H 5 3/8” x D 21 15/16”

Suitable for fitting directly beneath a 17 3/4'' height

wine cooler. It fits in a standard 24'' gap

Finger-print Proof Stainless Steel


"Classic" aesthetics