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Pursuant to art. 7 of the Italian Law decree n. 196 of 30th June 2003, dealing with the protection of personal data, we inform You that the data You disclosed by signing the dedicated SMEG form, or by telephone or via the Internet, with reference to the purchase of SMEG products, ser-vicing or communications connected to the use of SMEG products will be included in the SMEG database.

They will be included among the data that will be collected, stored and processed by SMEG pursuant to the present briefing note, also with ref-erence to the data disclosed by accepting the additional warranty or “GOODWILL” and in general by means of the acceptance or request of the assistance or consulting services that will be requested, also by telephone, from SMEG, its distributors or authorised service centres.

The data are stored at the registered office of SMEG S.p.A., Via Circonvallazione Nord 36, 42016 Guastalla (RE), Tel. + 39 5228211.

Pursuant to articles 7 and 13 of the Italian law decree mentioned above, we inform You that You have the right to:

  • be informed on the goals and procedures regulating the processing of the data and know the mandatory or optional nature of the consent and the consequences of any refusal to answer;
  • receive confirmation of the existence or absence of Your personal data and an understandable communication thereof;
  • be informed on the origin of the data, the goals and procedures of their processing, the logic applied in case of their electronic processing and obtain information on the holder, manager and representative responsible for it (if the holder is not a resident of a EU country) as well as on the subjects and categories of subjects to whom the data may be communicated or disclosed;
  • obtain the update, correction or, if You are interested, integration of the data as well as their cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of the data processed when the law is not complied with or when they do not need to be stored according to the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed;
  • if no excessive means are to be implemented, obtain a certification stating that the rights listed in the above item are not disclosed to those to whom the data were communicated;
  • owing to legitimate reasons, partly or fully prevent the processing of the Your personal data, albeit relevant for the collection and the data processing aimed at sending advertising or direct sale material or the conduction of market research or marketing communication research.The rights listed above referring to deceased people can be exercised by those who have an interest or act to safeguard the holder or owing to family reasons which need to be protected. In all cases, the interest to act, the right to represent, proxy and title according to which one acts on behalf of the holder must be approved pursuant to the law and in particular art. 9 of the Italian Law decree n.196/03.

If the existence of your personal data is not confirmed, the holder may be requested a contribution not exceeding the costs actually incurred ac-cording to the procedure envisaged by art. 10 of the Italian Law decree n.196/03.

Pursuant to articles 7 and 13 of the above mentioned Italian decree, we inform You that Your personal data, as illustrated above, will be used for purposes connected in general to the purchase of SMEG products, servicing or customer care activities by You or other eligible parties, e.g. :

a. for the needs emerging before the drafting of the sale contract (of the SMEG product or accessories or spare parts) with a view to the provisions envisaged in it, such as warranty services, including conventional warranties, and all the interventions or servicing tasks connected to SMEG products, carried out by SMEG staff or authorised subjects;

b. for the correct provision of services by SMEG or its personnel pursuant to the law or contract, including the obligations deriving form any additional or successive agreement after the purchase of the SMEG product, such as the obligations deriving from the additional warranty or “GOODWILL” and in general from the assistance or consulting services that will be requested (also by telephone) from SMEG or its authorised centres (e.g. by means of communications via the Internet of by telephone at toll-free or pay-numbers);

c. in general, for the management of the relations emerging from the contracts You have entered into with the present company or the retailer/installer or maintenance staff for the SMEG product, or emerging from the effective provision and organisation of the assistance service which needs to take into account the history of and actions regarding the product sold or simply from any claim or information dealing with it;

d. for administration or invoicing purposes;

e. for activities connected to the inspection or quality control services in general, different from those connected to the actions regarding the individual product sold;

f. for marketing purposes;

g. to comply with the law (e.g. information to public safety agencies or authorities).

With reference to the purposes illustrated under items a), b), c), d) and g), it is hereby explicitly acknowledged that the authorisation to use per-sonal data is a mandatory prerequisite for the services illustrated above, therefore Your explicit consent is not necessary in such cases since it is implicitly understood that it was granted by purchasing the SMEG products or by means of your consent to or request of the services and actions illustrated above.

The computer system has several passwords reserved respectively for the subjects charged with the management of the sale, after sale and customer assistance services and, if necessary, the subjects charged with the quality control or marketing or management of the communica-tions received or delivered through the Internet site of SMEG S.p.A., aimed at storing, managing, receiving, transmitting and updating or defini-tively cancelling the data.

Processing by means of mutually communicating electronic tools is always preferred rather than the operator’s intervention whenever possible thanks to the implementation of tools allowing the automatic dialogue between machines. The dialogue mainly refers only to the product identifi-cation codes (MODEL AND SERIAL NUMBER) and the customer’s data are used only in case of necessity.

The personal data are communicated to the employees of the Firm or any external collaborator or service provider charged with the insertion and updating of data into the information system or other activities connected to the purposes for which data were collected. In some cases, data may be collected by, communicated to or received from retailers, installers or maintenance staff of the SMEG products, customer assis-tance or service centres You may have contacted or charged with the services connected to the sale contract or the conventional services or the services envisaged by the law, as described above.

Such people or agencies shall not make any other use of the data except the use strictly connected to the function they are carrying out with reference to Your purchase or Your acceptance or request of the additional services illustrated above.

If necessary, the data or part of the data can be communicated to the insurance companies of the present writer or to the competent Authorities, companies charged with the maintenance of SMEG products or Firms providing administrative or financial services or activities involving the transmission, mailing, transport, acquisition or supply of information to customers.

If not stated otherwise with reference to the geographical area of the customer, the transmission area is limited to the EU territory.

If not otherwise stated in the forms or different information provided to the customer, the holder of the data processing and storage is SMEG S.p.A., registered office in Via Circonvallazione Nord 36, 42016 Guastalla (RE), Tel. + 39 05228211.

As already stated explicitly with reference to the place of storage of the data, the holder of the data processing and storage may be the SMEG representative office or agency reported in the reference forms. As regards the data released at the time of drafting the present terms, the per-son in charge of the data processing and storage is the interim manager of the administration division, telephone +39 05228211.

Moreover, we inform You that the Italian Privacy Ombudsman may receive a notification of the processing of Your data including Your name, denomination, name of the company, domicile, place of residence and the office of the holder and person responsible, the type of data and the place where they are stored, the categories to which data refer.