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The FAB refrigerators: distinctive '50s styling

For many homeowners, SMEG has become an iconic brand, highly aspired to, and, in particular, the company's retro-style FAB refrigeration range has earned it this status, the unique blend of curves and colors seemingly beyond the competence of other manufacturers to emulate.

The FAB retro range, introduced in 1997, is universally recognised as enjoying "iconic" status, and now consists of four models offered in over ten colors.

SMEG FAB28 '50s Style Refrigerator

Acknowledged by many to be a design icon, SMEG's FAB28 range of retro-style refrigerators knows no limits when it comes to color extensions.  Originally launched in 1997 in cream, red, blue, pastel blue, and pastel green, the company soon added silver, and then, in a bold move, pink.  Black followed before orange, and lime joined the line-up in January 2004 to be followed in June 2004 by a "special edition" featuring a Union Jack-painted door.  A new "special edition" version features a multi-coloured striped door, extending the choice to a total of ten colors and two special versions.  “Special editions” are not currently available in the US.

"A"-rated for energy efficiency; each FAB28 has a generous 9.22 cubic foot (271 liter) capacity.  Inside are three hygienic and easy-to-clean glass shelves, whilst the door provides practical storage compartments for bottles, cartons, and dairy products.  A chrome wine rack and a large fruit and vegetable container completes the inventory of interior fittings that make the FAB28 such a practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing, appliance.

The FAB28 has been available in the US in ten colors since 2007.