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The premium Italian domestic appliance brand, SMEG, is committed to providing the best information to its customers, and added value to their business partnership.

Having only recently invested in a brand new website, SMEG has just added even more functionality to the site.  Each product page features a ‘Download’ area, ensuring that key correct information is immediately at our customers' fingertips. 

Downloadable resources include technical drawings, instruction manuals, printable product information, appliance functions, and a glossary.

The section also includes the ability to download 3D files, perfect for use by kitchen designers, architects, and specifiers when planning new kitchens.  The 3D files are available in three formats .dwg, .obj, and .stp for maximum flexibility, and are packaged as .zip files for speedy download.

Alternatively, designers can visit the ‘Services’ tab on the home page, and select the final option, "3D files."  
Here, they can search by product code or category for quick access to 3D file information.  This can also be found by visiting www.smegusa.com/3d-files-for-architects-kitchen-designers/.  SMEG anticipates that the addition of this useful feature will be widely utilized by kitchen studios, and all who are engaged in producing top quality kitchen designs.