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It is an age old arguement that everyone has had with their friends at one point or another, and an argument that has never truly been settled; when does Coke taste its best? Out of glass bottle? Out of a can? Or out of a pump down the pub? Well, Drew Bennett, from Ashford near Kent, has thrown a forth (and rather fantastic) option into this already nightmarish decision: Dispensed out of an upcycled Smeg Fridge?  

Drew has managed to create an unbelievably stylish Coke dispensing machine out of an old Smeg Fridge that he found in a skip! After being cast on the rubbish heap after its previous owner accidently smashed the door, he took the unloved Smeg FAB28 Fridge into his upcycling workshop and showed it some much needed care and affection.

As you can see, the makeover results have been incredible, with the finished piece looking as if it was commissioned by Coca-Cola themselves! The detail around both logos on the door are spot on, and the bold red/white paint work give it a fantastic pristine finish. And there was us thinking that it was impossible to make a FAB look anymore stylish… (We are also huge fans of the mosaic mannequin and guitar too).

Commenting on his creation, Drew said “I just love the shape of Smeg, they remind me of an old 50’s USA coin op. I don't normally touch fridges but I love the style of the Smeg and got excited to work on it. I had loads of ideas on what it was going to be, from a yellow submarine that vended bottled water to a machine that made freshly squeezed orange juice. The simple mechanics of the machine means that it doesn’t require any electronic parts, just a coin op slide taken from an old pool table and a little bit of help from gravity”.

It’s really great to see that people are being inspired by the Smeg design and getting creative. Before I would have had to say the Pub Coke tasted the best (with a lime wedge and no ice obviously), but after seeing this magnificent machineI think that there is going to be some reconsideration. The phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has certainly never been appropriate!