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Sep 1st 2017

After 25 years of refining its efficient orbital washing system, SMEG has patented and produced a new Planetarium washing method. Consisting of an arm with an asymmetrical axis, "Planetarium" describes elliptical trajectories in respect to the center of rotation: the double rotation together with the position and particular orientation of the nozzles for the water, and guarantees coverage of the tub that is far greater than standard. At the end of the cycle, the automatic opening Enersave system ensures that dishes are perfectly dry, and reduces energy consumption.

With respect to the optimizing of washing volumes, the new range also presents solutions that are particularly functional: the new rails for the baskets allow them to be completely extracted, making them accessible for their entire depth. The second basket has inserts that can be flattened to safely position larger dishes, cups and wine glasses from 88 to 225 mm. Lastly, Flexi Duo, the third basket, patented by SMEG, is made up of two mobile units which, depending on loading requirements in the lower basket, can be moved to create more space.


The new range of SMEG dishwashers anticipates the needs of new kitchen design through innovative aesthetics and technological solutions. Following the most recent market requirements, the new patented system of fixing the dishwasher door has been designed with hinges that allow reducing the height of the plinth to 5 cm. These hinges also allow traditional positioning with a 10 cm plinth, and a more-innovative column installation with the dishwasher at a height for easier loading and unloading. 

In addition, with a loading capacity of up to 11kg, the door can be fixed with panels made of very modern and different materials, such as glass and stone. When the door is open, the internal LED white light is an aesthetic and functional detail that allows an appreciation of the attention to every aspect of the product in all phases of use SMEG has given this dishwasher.