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Oct 17th 2014

Sinuous and smooth shapes in pastels and bright colors are the main characteristics of SMEG's '50s Style line. After the success of the retro-style colorful fridges, SMEG launches in the U.S. market its ‘50s Style Small Domestic Appliances: toasters in two dimensions, a stand mixer, a blender, and a kettle represent the initial line.  The “SDAs” are an extension of the SMEG retro fridge concept, and they stand perfectly together.  At the same time, they integrate into the homes ambient space, staying wonderfully alone.

The entire SMEG '50s Style aesthetic line colors and personalizes the spaces they are in, giving them a joyfully-designed character.  The  1950s were a very creative period, and SMEG has drawn fully from that bygone era to get this new and contemporary line’s “mid-century modern” style linked to current advances in technology.  

Today, the kitchen is the most imaginative space in the house, where people meet up with their family and their friends, and where cooking is something enjoyable and relaxing.  The appliances that fill the space help making those kitchen moments full of easy creativity, turning producing the best results in food and fun a snap.