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Mar 31st 2015

There are now only a few weeks to go until official opening of Expo 2015. And with an endless number of creative, cultural and economic connections, the Expo has given birth to many great partnerships, all of which have been generated on the wave of a common sensitivity for the theme of ‘Feeding the Planet’.

expo_milanoSmeg’s energy and philosophy has thus lent itself perfectly to a collaboration with Vanke, the Chinese residential real estate giant (which will be the first company in 163 years of Universal Exhibitions to be present with its own pavilion). Designed by the star architect Daniel Libeskind, along with the exhibition designer Ralph Appelbaum and the graphic designer Han Jiaying, the Vanke pavilion aims to communicate a model of company whose values, balanced between tradition and technology, are functional to market success. Exactly as Smeg’s. 

Just as Vanke can be considered an “urban developer”, who pursues ambitious goals through building homes and supplying the related management services, Smeg can define itself a “home developer”: with its household appliances focused on adding style and passion to everyday kitchen experiences, placing just as much importance on aesthetics as there is on technology. The change of scale, from the home, to the content and appliances within it, does not change the objective: the well-being of everyone who, through choosing a brand, follows a lifestyle.

The community, and the opportunities for its members to come together and meet, are at the basis of an ideal of urbanization. Not just based on harmony between people, but also between people and the city where they live. Every stage of the food process is important. From the preparation and consumption, to the conversation and debate around the dinner table, there is a firm belief at the Expo that food shouldn’t just be eaten hurriedly on the go, but rather have time take to appreciate, enjoy and relax. It is for this reason that Smeg is delighted to be taking part, providing its operative appliances, as wished by Vanke for Expo 2015: a supply with a symbolic value but also representative of a network of growing international contacts, based on sharing the same thought and sense of responsibility for the society in which we operate.