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Sep 20th 2013


The prestigious opening of new Russian headquarters in Moscow confirms Smeg’s international presence, a strategy already underway for some years. With the purchase of the new Smeg Russia Moscow offices and showroom, the Smeg group – and especially the Russian subsidiary – continues to develop a distribution program which began in 2006 with the opening of a trade office, also in Moscow. Over the past 7 years Smeg Russia has grown steadily and, in line with its policy to increase diffusion in strategic markets, has opened several regional offices in S.Petersburg, Ekaterinemburg, Rostov, Novosibirsk, Nizhyn Novgorod and Samara, turning the Russian market into one of the fastest growing areas in the Smeg group.

The new office in Moscow, easily reached by subway, is located in the heart of quickly expanding business zone, and is spread over a surface area of ​​approximately 800mt2. Over half of the space (500mt2) is dedicated entirely to the showroom. A large and welcoming place, it has all of the latest Smeg products on show, from the Cortina design family, characterized by the elegance and appeal of wrought iron handicrafts reproduced in truly unique home appliances, to the original products of the 50s Retro Style design family, now also available with a stunning gold finish, to the most recent fridge – the SMEG500 produced in collaboration with Fiat. The Smeg Moscow showroom presents all of the latest design trends in the world of home appliances – a carefully selected collection of built-in and free-standing products, in a space conceived to promote the excellence of "Made in Italy”.

The décor of the showroom was designed to enhance the ambience of the space and the location. Five large windows throw beautiful natural light into the room and give wonderful views of the river Moskva. Wood, used for the displays, gives warmth to the space and is contrasted, yet complimented, by sophisticated base colours: dark grey for the walls and floor, light grey and ivory for the ceiling, fixtures and work tops.

Customers can browse all of the latest Smeg products in the new showroom, and they can also test the products by participating in a number of events held in a working kitchen created ad hoc for training and courses such as master cooking classes with renowned chefs from restaurants in and around Moscow. This way, gourmet lovers can experience Italian recipes firsthand in a beautiful location with a backdrop that perfectly combines creativity, technology and functionality.

Smeg Russia Showroom & Offices
Warshavskoe shosse 1, building 1/2
C/o business center w-plaza office a615 Moscow 117105
t.+7 495 38037 82