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May 30th 2014

What do six hundred bikers, a top Russian rock band and a SMEG fridge all have in common? The answer comes from Belarus, where this eclectic collection of characters participated in an exclusive event to celebrate the start of theHarley Davidson Bikers 2014 riding season.It is well known that Harley Davidson enthusiasts love to surround themselves with emblematic objects which are able to convey their passion not just for life on the road, but also for a nonconformist, unconventional and ironic lifestyle.  And so what’s better than a thundering orange FAB, customised by artist Andrey Osipov with the logo of the legendary motorbike manufacturer, to inaugurate the new bikers season?

Held by the Belarus Harley Davidson dealership on 26 April, the event gathered together in Minsk not only enthusiasts from Belarus, but also from nearby Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states – young aspiring bikers, long-time fans, artists and body painting models. We are sure that there were also admirers of Smeg products among the invitees, looking to immortalise themselves together with yet another fantastic example of Smeg’s 50s Style line. And while the bikers are ready for their next adventure in the saddle, the FAB will remain in the Harley showroom in Minsk, where it will be admired (and desired!) until next year rolls around.