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May 16th 2014

If there’s one thing that we love here at Smeg, it is a good Pizza. But not just any old pizza. Frozen and take-away pizzas are alright from time to time, but if you want the true Italian flavours, the pizza has got to be made from scratch, with fresh toppings, and stone baked.

One restaurant that share out passion for Pizza is ‘Peters Pizzeria’ in Loughborough, a truly artisan pizzeria which serves up authentic Neapolitan style pizza’s made from sour dough. They believe that the secret recipe for the dough is the star of the show and are constantly creating and experimenting with their toppings to create new and exciting flavours.

However, it is not just the pizza that they get creative with. The restaurant itself is oozing with Italian style and culture, with Vespa’s on display, a wall painting of childhood favourites Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and, to our absolute delight, Smeg Fridge doors all over the walls!

They have used the fridge doors in a variety of fun and creative ways, such as notice boards in the office, specials boards to display the menu and even used as a secret storage cupboard in the toilets for all the cleaning equipment! You will now think twice about what’s behind the Smeg fridge door… All in all the restaurant has 28 Smeg doors, all adding to the fabulous Italian feel of the place. Usually we would be horrified at someone destroying one of our precious FAB Fridges, but when they look this good we’ll let them off!

If all the talk of pizza is getting you hungry and Loughborough is too far away, don’t forget the fantastic Smeg pizza stone, which lets you create your own fresh stone baked Italian pizzas at home.  For more information, ideas and inspiration take a look at our recipe card here.

To find out more information about Peter Pizza or book a table, visit their website www.peterpizzeria.com