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Oct 11th 2018

More than ever, people are looking to have a healthier lifestyle by eating better and exercising more. The healthy lifestyle trend has been encouraging people to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of their fruit and vegetables. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that slow juicing has become increasingly popular.

 One of the key advantages of slow juicing is the ability to extract a consistent quality and quantity of juice. Our 50’s Retro Style Slow juicer squeezes out the goodness from fresh fruit and vegetables, ensuring that the maximum amount of vitamins, enzymes and minerals are retained in your juice. But what about the leftover pulp? While the bulk of the goodness is in your juice, the pulp contains the most fibre. Instead of throwing it away, here are 10 ideas on what to do with your leftover pulp.

 1.     Add it to your broth. Vegetable pulp is perfect when added to broth/soup. It adds a burst of flavour and nutrients to your favourite dishes.

2.     A topping for your scrambled eggs. Pulp is a great burst of colour and an extra hit of nutrients. Spinach and carrots make a great combination for an at-home brunch.

3.     Stir into hummus, or even mix it with natural yogurt to create your own delicious dip. Green vegetables mixed with mint and yogurt is a perfect accompaniment to poppadums on a curry night.

4.     Feed the environment with your pulp. Add left over pulp to the compost heap to help the wildlife get to work.

5.     A natural way to thicken soup. The texture of pulp creates a rich and thick soup is perfect for the winter months.

6.     Add it into your baked goods. Carrot pulp and dates are a great combination for fruity cakes. It gives a more rich and moist result.

7.     Add it into your smoothie for an extra vitamin boost! Coconut with berries makes a delicious pulp smoothie.

8.     Pulp pancakes, because why not? Add carrot pulp to your morning breakfast, for a bright colour and extra vitamins. The natural sweetness will make a tasty addition to your healthy breakfast. Click here for our pulp pancake recipe.

9.     Combine with meat. Beetroot pulp added to your burger patties will bring out a rich pink colour as well as a delicious saoury and earthy flavour. A real showstopper at a party!

10.  Create an Italian dish! Adding pulp to your homemade pasta is an easy way to colour and flavour your pasta however you like. Try adding vibrant vegetable pulp such as carrot for an exciting twist on a classic recipe.

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To see the Slow Juicer in action, why not watch our YouTube video, here.