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Milk Frother

SMEG's new milk frother is the perfect accompaniment to complete your coffee experience. Ideal for cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat whites, as well as for preparing instant drinks such as hot chocolate.  Equipped with the very latest technology, and a total of 6 pre-set programs, and a manual function for easy, safe preparation of hot and cold drinks, with or without foam, thanks to the various whisks provided. An icon for each program is clearly visible on the controls for ease-of-use, and a start/stop button is located in the center of the control knob, which becomes illuminated when in-use.  Liquid level indicators are etched inside the removable stainless steel jug, which is also dishwasher-safe, for easy cleaning, so you won’t need to clean off dried-on milk by-hand. It has an impressive maximum capacity of 20 ounces for milk/8.5 fluid ounces for froth.  Two whisks are included, one notched and one flat, each with a different result.  The notched whisk is great for frothing hot or cold milk, and chocolate, as it incorporates air, creating a light or thick foam according to the selected function. The flat whisk can be used for the hot milk function, as it moves the milk gently to avoid sticking, but without frothing it.  The MFF01 uses an induction heating system which creates professional milk froth quality, and has a powerful 500W motor.  The Tritan lid features an integrated and removable measuring cup for easy viewing, and fits snuggly in order to prevent any milk from escaping.

  • MFF01BLUSnew

    Milk Frother, Black

  • MFF01CRUSnew

    Milk Frother, Cream

  • MFF01PBUSnew

    Milk Frother, Pastel blue

  • MFF01PGUSnew

    Milk Frother, Pastel Green

  • MFF01PKUSnew

    Milk Frother, Pink

  • MFF01RDUSnew

    Milk Frother, Red

  • MFF01WHUSnew

    Milk Frother, White

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