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Designed to be durable, functional and perfectly handy with its ergonomic and anti-slip grip, the HBF02 hand blender is an indispensable home appliance for cooking quickly and intelligently. The convenient speed control at the top of the grip makes it easy to operate, while the Turbo function makes the most of the 350 W motor. The new member of the Smeg family can also blend and chop even the toughest fruits and vegetables, always guaranteeing the best results in terms of softness and creaminess. The stainless steel shaft and blades, combined with the exclusive FLOWBLENDTM system, ensure excellent cutting results and easy preparation.

  • HBF02PBUSnew

    Hand Blender, Pastel Blue

  • HBF02BLUSnew

    Hand Blender, Black

  • HBF02RDUSnew

    Hand Blender, Red

  • HBF02CRUSnew

    Hand Blender, Cream

  • HBF01PBUSnew

    Hand Blender Pastel Blue

  • HBF01BLUSnew

    Hand Blender Black

  • HBF01RDUSnew

    Hand Blender Red

  • HBF01CRUSnew

    Hand Blender Cream

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