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Pumpkin Tortelli

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Preparation time: 3 ore

Country: Italy

Recipe for: 4 persons


Pasta dishes

Smeg recipe

Author: Indipendenti

Main ingredients : pumpkin


• 400 g flour • 4 eggs • pinch of salt

• 500 g pumpkin • 100 g amaretti biscuits (approx., depending on how sweet the pumpkin is) • 100 g candied fruit mostarda (approx., depending on how sweet the pumpkin is) • lemon zest, grated • nutmeg, to taste

SAUCE: • 3/4 shallots • 6/7 slices unsmoked pancetta (locally produced if possible) • oil, to taste • one bottle sieved tomatoes • 1/2 stock cubes



Tip the flour onto a surface, make a well in the centre, crack the egg into it and add a pinch of salt. Combine and mix well until you are left with a dense, smooth dough. Next, roll out the pasta into strips; you will use these to make the pumpkin-filled tortelli.


Roast the pumpkin and wait for it to cool. Mix the flesh with the crushed amaretti, the pulped mostarda, the lemon zest and a little grated nutmeg. Combine and mix everything until you are left with a rather dry, stiff filling; if the mixture is too soft, correct it by adding breadcrumbs. You will use this filling, along with the pasta strips, to make the tortelli.


Fry the sliced shallot and pancetta in oil, then add the sieved tomatoes and stock cubes almost immediately. Add oil and a little water as required, to make a thin sauce. Cook over a low heat for approx. two hours.

Next, boil the finished tortelli in plenty of salted water. When they rise to the top they are cooked; drain and serve with the sauce and grated Parmesan cheese.