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From August 29th to November 25th 2012 Smeg will participate to the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the World.

The Smeg Headquarters designed by the Architect Guido Canali will be presented in the Italian Pavilion as a significant example of “Made in Italy” architecture - a structure that fully expresses the virtuous relationship that can exist between Industry, Architecture and Territory, or, in more general terms, between Economy and Culture.

The architecture of the building represents the synthesis of a cultural strategy related to the landscape and to economic development, using talent and available resources in the best way possible. The project is the result of long conversations between Roberto Bertazzoni, President of the Smeg Group, and the Architect Guido Canali.

Guido Canali was able to take full advantage of the desire of the client to enhance the relationship of the building with nature. Surrounded by lawns and a large body of water, and encircled by a low embankment (inspired by those along the banks of the river Po), the Smeg offices are a serene and pleasant environment to work in, and contribute to improve the quality of life of the people within and around them.