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Increased flexibility: Italian design and culinary know-how have created an exclusive oven of superior quality with a great number of bake and broiling modes to satisfy the needs of users at all levels. Cooking modes include Convection Bake, Dehydrate, Pizza and Proof to name but a few.

Increased space: SOU330X has six cooking levels inside the ample cavity with 3.58 cu Ft usable capacity, this allows a number of different dishes to be cooked at the same time or to easily accommodate large items.

Increased performance: True European double convection ensures consistent oven heat for even baking and prevents flavor transfer when cooking different foods simultaneously.

Simple cleaning:
SOU330X has a self cleaning system that heats the cavity to 860°F, a temperature at which any grease stuck to the oven walls is simply burned off and turns to ash which can by easily wiped away with a damp cloth.