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Sep 26th 2013

Made in Italy, even before it became a common expression, is a a kind of philosophy underpinned by excellence, creativity and innovation. The collaboration between Smeg and Ex Vinis originates from these shared values, and the desire to introduce Italian "know how" even outside Italy.

The Ex Vinis & Friends project, inspired by the Earl Gelasius Gaetani d'Aragona and supported by Smeg, traces a path through Italy from the northern Alps to the southern island of Sicily to tell the stories of 23 wineries who have enjoyed particular Made ​​in Italy success. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the daily reality, and to convey the specific identities behind a bottle of wine - the passion of the producers, their stories and the traditions of the grapes.

The collaboration led to thepublication of a book, 'On the wine side’, signed by the Earl Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona. It is result of the experiences of a great many workers, artists, musicians, and writers who collaborated to portray in words the multisensory taste of wine. It is a written collection of tales andmemories that tell of the Earl Gaetani’s passion for the “sweet and earthy smelling sap” and of all the people who dedicate themselves to the art of making wine, on a daily basis, with great effort, and without ever losing reach of their dreams.

"Made ​​in Italy is an experience that is strongly marked by tradition; quality of life and choices” - says Vittorio Bertazzoni, the CEO of Smeg – “These small Italian enterprises must be fully supported to cope with international challenges. For Smeg, joining Ex Vinis means completing its own lifework, through a multisensory experience. For a company who, like Smeg, appreciates design excellence, has a passion for good food and is recognised worldwide as an ambassador for Made in Italy, the decision to back Ex Vinis was a natural one”.

The partnership began with the launch of the book in Italy in early September, and continued with its international debut on September 19th, at the new Smeg Showroom in Moscow. The Russia market is, in fact, strategic for Italian export thanks to the fascination and appreciation by Russian consumers for Made in Italy. The program will also be expanded with other international events in which Ex Vinis and Smeg and will continue to talk about style, quality, elegance and taste.