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Apr 15th 2013

Don’t expect to find it only in the kitchen, the FAB28U fridge gets everywhere!

SMEG partnered in the production of “This,” a show by The Canadian Stage Company.  The company is Canada's third largest not-for-profit contemporary theatre company.  Founded in 1988, it has had more then 20 years of success so far, both with classic shows and with international contemporary theatre.  “This” is a witty un-romantic comedy by Canadian playwright Melissa Jane Gibson that offers an honest portrait of a group of “30-something” friends navigating their way through death, parenthood, and adultery — while pointing out with wit and searing grace the absurdities of modern life.

The show was a huge success:
"One of the best plays of this or any other season“
- NOW Magazine (5 N's out of 5).
As you can see from the pictures, the SMEG FAB28U cream refrigerator was a very prominent feature of the set.