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Oct 24th 2013

36" Victoria ranges

Following on from the huge European success of the 110cm wide ‘Victoria’ TR4110 Traditional Range Cooker, and in response to overwhelming consumer demand, Smeg is introducing two new smaller sister ranges – the 36" wide TR93 with 3 ovens, and the 36" wide TR90 with one single maxi oven cavity.

The TR93 range features 3 oven cavities, including a separate broil oven. Each cavity is finished in Smeg’s special EverClean enamel which brightens the oven interior and makes cleaning simple as it reduces the amount of cooking grease that sticks to the oven walls. The main oven (positioned lower left hand side) has an ample capacity with side opening door for easy access. It has 4 rack positions, and 9 cook modes including European Circulaire fan cooking, conventional top and bottom heat, Turbo, as well as a handy defrost function. The main oven is also equipped with a chrome shelf, telescopic guides, and roof liner and incorporates the Smeg Vapor Clean facility which gently steam cleans the cavity to ensure that the need for using harsh cleaning agents is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the base of the main oven is specially formed to accommodate Smeg's pizza stone accessory which is ideal for cooking the perfect stone-baked pizza in approximately 4-5 minutes from raw. The main oven door is triple glazed with a large, clear window for viewing the progress of your cooking with ease.

The auxiliary oven (positioned on the right hand side) has a full height enamelled side opening door which is internally glazed for energy efficiency. This tall oven is equipped a total of 9 rack levels and 4 x chrome racks, making it ideal for small batch baking or plate warming.

The broil oven (positioned on the top left) boasts a powerful adjustable grill, and 2 rack levels. Operating with the drop down door closed to ensure safety, the broil is particularly energy efficient and in addition to the easy to maintain enamel interior it also offers a roof liner for effortless cleaning, and telescopic guides for easy access.

The rangetop has heavy duty cast iron grates and 6 gas burners with various power levels, including an Ultra Rapid burner for even more powerful wok cooking.

Alternatively the 36" wide TR90 cooker has one single large multifunction oven. It features 8 cooking modes and the inside of the cavity is finished in EverClean enamel. Below the oven there is a large and practical, full width, drawer useful for storing kitchen utensils and baking accessories. The TRI90 rangetop also boasts heavy duty cast iron grates and includes 5 gas burners, one of which is a powerful Ultra Rapid burner.

Both new models incorporate the warm and familiar feel of the Victoria design line, characterised by soft curves, and are available in either a stylish gloss black or gloss cream enamel finish. They each have an extremely robust build quality and sport the iconic Smeg signature on the upstand which ensures that they blend perfectly with other Smeg products such as 50’s Retro Style refrigeration. Like their big sister, the TR4110, the new 36" Victoria cookers also reflect timeless elegance and instantly recognizable Smeg style.

Please note that these products are currently not certified for the US market. Please send an email to info@smegusa.com to receive notification about specific availability.

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The beautiful Victoria cooker images used on this page were kindly provided by deVOL kitchens.