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Dec 17th 2013

The new FAB28RDG is completely finished in the colour of the most precious of all metals, it is a jewelled-fridge that shines brightly with golden light. Gold, a refined element, has always fascinated and conquered souls from the beginning of time. 
The Smeg fridge, a design icon, is now available in a gold version, made even more precious thanks to it’s splendid golden handle and Smeg logo Made With SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are hand-applied, one-by-one, with an accurate craftsmanship that enhances its beauty, the crystals ensure that each and every piece is unique.

The superior gold and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS elegantly dress the outside of a fridge with a technological heart and high performance. The GOLDEN FAB is rated class A++, ensuring low energy consumption and maximum respect for the environment. 60cm wide and 151cm tall, the Smeg refrigerator has a net capacity of 222 litres and includes a 4-star freezer compartment with a capacity of 26 litres, in order to organise different foods and respond to modern storage needs.

The attention to details is seen even the inside the appliance, the FAB28RDG has 3 height adjustable glass shelves, 1 fixed glass shelf over the fruit & vegetable drawer, a chrome bottle holder and a clear plastic fruit & vegetable drawer. The inner door storage includes various balcony shelves one of which has a cover and an egg holder, and a number of bottle holders.

The exclusive golden fridge joins the wide range of colour variations of the famous Smeg  range, available in the following versions: white, cream, yellow, pastel green, pastel blue, pink, blue, red, orange, lime green, black, silver, chocolate, black velvet, blue denim, colour stripe, Union Jack and Tricolour (Italian flag).

The GOLDEN FAB is much more than just a fridge, it is not simply a piece of furniture, but a symbol of elegance that shines in the heart of the home.